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Choice of inventory management

  Materials management includes thousands of business each year. Shanghai Railway Express to work effectively, Materiel managers need to avoid distractions on the trivial, and collections in important things to. Different goods should take a different approach to storage management, some items require precise control, while others are not necessary. Selective inventory control managers specified should concentrate their energies on where.
&Nbsp;   in General for all inventory items for detailed control over the parsing is not economic. Some items, although not per cent of inventory, but are often a large part of the total inventory value. More economic approach is, a large number of procurement of low value items, and loosen control on them and on the other hand, small purchase expensive goods, and exercise stringent control. Will pick up pins for inventory items are divided into three levels, is often useful. So-called sales amount, is the annual amount of sales and purchase cost or production cost of the product.
&Nbsp;   each item of inventory value is obtained through the annual demand by unit cost. With annual demand, in order to avoid the effects of seasonal. Gross value of all inventory items in this list in order of size. It is mainly used for needs unrelated to the final product. Non-independent use of all kinds of items to maintain continuous production is equally important. Even the lowest cost items, the shortage but also completely destroyed its business activities associated with each other. Therefore, the importance of business over the financial impact of items. BACK PAGE