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How the strategic plan for Railway Express

On its strengths, strengths and constraints after making an estimate, you can develop a marketing strategy, financial strategy, business strategies, organizational strategy and human resources strategy. Strategies must be based on the environment and interests to develop. Austerity is to reduce business, selling enterprises or enterprises with strong merge based on a backward approach.
&Nbsp;   When enterprise resources are insufficient, the availability of resources and few, so other strategies when there is little hope of success, austerity may be the best method. When there is no other way to achieve its objectives, may be forced to choose this approach. It may also be used as a stopgap measure until resources become available or allowed to continue until the development. Crunch by laying off employees, in addition to the most profitable products ceased production of all products, reduce product categories, reducing sales costs, increase purchasing and production efficiency to reduce costs. In times of recession and depression, austerity is very common. Total of austerity is to sell or abandon the enterprise. BACK PAGE