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Improvement of logistic inventory system

  1. choose local (near enterprise) can significantly reduce the cost of supply. Local supply can shorten the preparation time, thus reducing the reorder point and safety stock. Even if you pay a high price for local supplies of goods, General says it is worth it, because I can keep inventory levels low. Who can supply simplifies ordering, able to take telephone orders.
&Nbsp;   2. if Shanghai Railway Express providers know your needs, we can plan the production in order to maintain sufficient inventory to meet expected demand. This can not only shorten the preparation time and allow suppliers to better plan and schedule production activities.
&Nbsp;   3. sign from the purchase of fixed supply quantity, after receiving payment of the annual contract. This way can get price discounts of preferential treatment, and according to the number of economically rational purchase. In this way and prevent price increases.
&Nbsp;   4. If before they need customers to order products, we will be reducing the benefits of the availability of inventory. However, if the discount is too large, then the price may be greater than the loss of custody fees, is not worth it. BACK PAGE