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According to eco-structure analysis of logistics market in China, we already know, the logistics market in China as a whole can be divided into three main sections. It should be noted that is, a significant portion of these three major parts of the current or by the "import logistics enterprises" performed. This part of the logistics enterprises, still fast for potential demand. Therefore, for logistics enterprises, outsourcing logistics tasks necessary to meet current business needs, and tried to seek a potential logistics requirements, "creating markets". The main way to achieve both tasks is to enhance the service capability.
&Nbsp;   positioning according to the logistics market structure model, is a prerequisite for logistics capacity. Again referring to the Niu Jie theory: intense competition has led to two interesting ecological phenomena-"generalization" and "special", that is: when good resource is low, predators often formed omnivorous feeding habits or wide. All in all, in an environment of frequent changes, General conditions conducive to life, and in an environment of long-term stability, specialization can reduce competition, but also to survive.
&Nbsp;   current comprehensive logistics enterprises in China should be chosen "generalization" strategy, that is possible under the conditions as possible so you have a full range of logistics management capacity. Professional logistics companies and regional logistics enterprises to implement the "special" model of development, that is, in their original areas, doing more and more refined as possible.
&Nbsp;   for comprehensive logistics enterprise, is one of the main directions of development of the third party logistics. Currently, third-party logistics is increasingly becoming the mainstream of modern logistics management mode. The third party logistics enterprise to provide customers with a contract, based on alliances, serialized, individual, information logistics agent service. Studies have reported that current European and American countries almost all of the enterprises are satisfied with the services of third party logistics companies, 50% considers that the third-party logistics companies to give them a good result, 93% of the United States believed were satisfied or very satisfied with the 96% of Western European businesses are also satisfied or very satisfied. BACK PAGE