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Logistics of shipping containers

  Container for internal use, used or the material to be transported. Common: bags, crates, drums, jars (protected with a strip of wood or rattan). Most often fibreboard boxes are made of. Also useful from wood boxes and bags are often used for granular or powdered materials. Sack used to carry small parts with a pad file, especially for express delivery is widely used in recent years.
&Nbsp;   wooden boxes can even be placed on the wheel, but often is fixed to the container. Large wooden box like an open box, often put some frequently used parts and tools and other materials. Barrels and jars for containing fluid or other fluids of animal feed. Drums, metal, wood or fiber material used in the production, based on the material and may be used. Jar is a ceramic or glass container, used for holding material with special requirements, such as various acids. BACK PAGE