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Meaning of operating mechanism of logistics transportation market

Logistics transport system is composed of different types of transport market and the market structure, however, these different markets are not unrelated, disorganized, although their primary and secondary points, but there is an intrinsic link between each other, thus constituting an interrelated, interacting organisms. Elements in all kinds of markets, market structure between connected behind the relationships and interaction, there is a potential function in the function, this is the market operation mechanism.
&Nbsp;   logistics market system is a complex, connected by the various components of a unified organism, thus mechanism also constitutes a system of logistics transportation market. They are divided into General and individual.
&Nbsp;   in any transport market Shang are exists and play role of mechanism is General of market run mechanism, as price mechanism, and supply and demand mechanism, and competition mechanism, and risk mechanism is General play role of mechanism; and in various market Shang, and has its individual of or specific of market run mechanism, as international shipping market in the of flag mechanism, and crew mechanism, is the class market by unique of individual of, and specific of run mechanism. BACK PAGE