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Railway transportation enterprise policy

  Approach to decision-making, including the Shanghai Railway Express in objectives, strategies and tactics. Policy decisions are under the influence of the ever-changing, from the target to the strategy, the policy to promote the activity, one important factor is the special interest group, the available resources, internal and external constraints. After the strategy was announced, often they are some sort of extension to determine the reality of the market. System functions to follow the progress of the production system, from its beginning until its end, so as to reflect the exact scope of business activities.
&Nbsp;   the who study did not point out that to complete the functions, but simply pointed out what functions must be completed, meaning that emphasize what must be done, not who did it. Therefore, the model does not violate any of the management functions of the privilege. However, in conditions of system design, functional area independent authority has been weakened because the system design requires more integrated decision making. BACK PAGE