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Transaction nature of the logistics

  In the field of logistics, this specific investment types include all of Williamson-defined five categories of specific investments. Shanghai in the iron fast shipped understand as in locations dedicated sex aspects, logistics field in has best of warehouse places select, and for completed a items logistics activities and established of business dot,; tangible assets dedicated sex including for logistics needs party specifically design of transport tool, and specifically construction of can control warehouse, and custom of information system,; human capital dedicated sex more is logistics field of important dedicated investment: specifically for customer set of logistics management sector, and specifically research and needs party production features phase adapted of logistics programme of personnel, and In the long-term cooperation in the process of formation of rapport and establishing logistics providers, demand management group.
&Nbsp;   on customized services according to customer requirements and setting information, accident settlement, negotiation and so forth; in terms of brand-specific, in order to meet the demand of logistics requirements, logistics execution subject usually requires a variety of certification can be provided for an enterprise in the field of logistics services. BACK PAGE