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How strict the logistics market management

This logistics market of features is: first, participate in logistics trade of parties identity does not main; second, trade parties after points with clear trading relationship, agreement of content was clear defined, official agreement terms completely, oral agreement, informal project also get recognized, but market more dumping Yu parties established official agreement; third, for default reimbursement has severe provides, if agreement in the of agreed no get implementation, its consequences on parties, from a began is can speculated that of, And there is no ability to change the consequences of four, divergent agreements, you can introduce a third party mechanism, but this mode is not promoted, emphasizing the agreement parties to end the dispute.
&Nbsp;   This high degree of benchmarking and repeating logistics trade in idealized, Shanghai Railway Express market is a homogeneous ideal in markets, in the actual deposit by a range of small, resource slack, full of uncertainty, credit is not widespread, the absence of legal procedures, opportunistic pop market. Limited rational logistics difficult for energy trade factors intelligently expected for a long time.
&Nbsp;    so, if wants to will all results are can prior speculated that out and exact to provides in agreement in the is impossible of, or speculated that cost high, and for trade parties for "performance" benchmark of explained to completely consistent, in Parties not corresponds to information of conditions Xia performance also easy occurred disputes, thus third party of into became must, but said up legal prosecution or perform legal of capital also is high, And multilateral governance in China continues to be a high governance funding in the form of logistics resources integration.