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Logistics Storage subscription costs

Varies with number of ordering cost is the variable cost of ordering, Shanghai Railway Express that includes order preparation, transport, materials handling, acceptance, preparation and spending of money, spending on travel, as well as equality checks inventory before ordering water. Setup costs when the storage not by external supply, but when the companies make, rectification for easy product line changes line expenditure. Replace the model and add a dedicated device to fixed capital, information on production volume of goods with fees, processing fees attributable to the variable cost.
&Nbsp;   when calculating the annual ordering cost or estimated cost of production, from the single purchase spending or reorganization of the enterprise cost calculated. Time has an impact ordering number for each order number. Shanghai Railway Express annual demand in certain cases, total orders was positively correlated with quantity of capital and negatively associated with the order.
&Nbsp;   all types of costs incurred by ordering goods, does not contain products of its own costs. Ordering costs include fixed costs and the cost of changes in two parts. Ordering a firm costs is information used to facilitate orders issued and systems of capital, equipment and technology. Total amount of stable costs for orders within a certain time does not change with the change in number of ordering.