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Once again, how to understand the logistics business combinations

Of course, the enhancement of service level of logistics costs are the conditions downturns. This means that logistics services is to serve the balance of advantages and services capital, logistics business portfolio is represented on two levels: the high standard of service and minimize capital. Therefore, the logistics business restructuring is going back to logistics resources equipped with and organization departments and combination management mode, to reduce logistics business capital, the enhancement of service quality of a series of activities.
&Nbsp;   explains the concept of logistics business combinations from above we can conclude that logistics business combinations are destroyed before they are made, is the destruction of dual energy and innovation. Through the analysis of traditional logistics business process, find the logistics bottleneck on progress and inherent advantages. Then, distribute and sort the whole logistics resources, transport, storage and other business processes to achieve the overall best equipped centre for logistics system can fully play its advantage more in line with customers ' needs.