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Private investment in joint logistics

  From wood logistics years business analysis clearly shows that the logistics and trading with high frequency trading, as well as greater uncertainty. The following transactions from the specific perspective of wood parts logistics deals. Asset-specific investments in logistics Alliance is important, in Shanghai Railway Express Logistics Alliance with wood. Railway Express between the two in particular put a lot of specific assets, these specific investments for both partners brings great efficiencies.
&Nbsp;   such as the establishment of a dedicated project team Shanghai Railway Express, in cooperation with the wood down, the two sides set up a project group. Wood set up logistics management group; and Railway Express in Dalian have set up large wood projects for large wood lay the Foundation for the smooth functioning of the project.
&Nbsp;   Shanghai Railway Express go through the city in a total of more than more than 200, but still can not meet the market demand. Wood projects a total of 416 Faw service stations, of which only 30% in the processing of Railway Express Agency, only the establishment of a dedicated management network in order to meet the large demand for wood. Cooperate with business networks, in order to meet the needs of large wood parts logistics, Railway Express in the collective construction of a large number of dedicated lanes. The support is an important feature of modern logistics information system, in order to meet the needs of large wood projects, Railway Express logistics information system was developed together with wood, used wood and railway express line in delegates, and so forth.