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Shanghai Railway Express must expand

Shanghai Railway Express handling in the city a total of 185, but still can not meet the market demand. Faw wood projects a total of 417 Faw stations, Railway Express in which only 40% agencies, most of the transportation agencies to ensure orders are delivered on time, to the city without transportation agencies can take the form of limousine service, long term, will cost too much and lead to project failure.
&Nbsp;   in order to better meet the needs of large wood logistics, Shanghai Railway Express must be to enhance the existing network capabilities and expand network coverage, to meet customer demand, but can not only rely on their own resources to implement. In addition to establishing new ones outside the network, mainly in the use of social resources for expanded mesh. Awareness of win-win cooperation, and by looking for subcontracting partners utilize social resources strengthened Railway Express advantage. To accomplish big Chai parts logistics in Railway Express has established cooperation with many logistics enterprises, greatly enhanced the strength of Shanghai Railway Express.