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What is the best way of logistics and transport

Owned and contracted carriers are generally (although not all) cars. When using public transport, the choice of mode of transport is of paramount importance. Transport constraints or transport factors may eliminate the possibility of using certain modes of transport, or it may just select a method. Mainly due to the price of diversity and complexity, it is difficult to clear the price of public transport services.
&Nbsp;   logistics and transport prices can be divided into volume tariffs and special labor categories. Transportation freight rates shown in the rate table or entry in the, usually charged several cents per 100 pounds of cargo. Most of the tariffs must be shipped and negotiations between the carriers to redefine. &Nbsp;   in more than 50 different types of freight rates, the three most commonly used as class rates, special tariffs and freight rates. Class rates established for the various items in the classification list price based on average capital constraints, transport operators. Class rates vary with the cargo weight and distance, is usually the highest.