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Pet shipping

Pet shipping 

Earlier in place: two days earlier to my advice and bookings are essential. Due to the transport of pets must be equipped with aerobic cargo aircraft, so booking in advance and arrived at the 4 hour before departure Transportation Department, ensures that your pet at the time you arrived by the same plane.
  To avoid crushing: first to prepare special durable air transport pets, domestic airlines on the one hand packaging has certain requirements with respect to living, and also for the safety of the pet itself. Again, you can be on top of the air box tied with adhesive tape a plastic products, so as to avoid handling personnel on other items in the box.
  Water: almost all the air box with water fountains. You can put it in the freezer filled with water fountains into ice, wait until the time on the plane, and then put them in the air box, don't have to worry about water being spilled, pet bundles are the one with no water to drink.
  Don't twist: as long as the journey does not turn, pets are mistakenly sent to an offsite becomes much less likely. If you traveled aboard the plane taking off, you can ask the Transportation Department later take the pet to the incoming class, to ensure that it is sa

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